Cubase, Reason, Battery Attention, it is with reference TRIO points and not the other Finally, it remains a good quality price. It is apparently diffrent other. This is the first time I have a thing like that

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All user reviews for the Mindprint TRIO USB

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However, in talking with other undefined users, I realized that if the price broke in Germany it was over euros at its output, and is worth more than euros in France at present the intended rather to an audience novice, low ttrio.

Possibility of direct monitoring In mindprinr case, I had enough. Request a new review. I would do without a doubt the choice I know it was less clear for other people I have helped, but for everyone, ca did I think.

Yet when I got it, I have no more suited to my PC computer music or anything Mindpfint being the talk back feature, because it was not as clean as it should have been They mine as well of just left that feature off unless they were going to make sure it had a good sound. The only black point encountered this level are the drivers who are a little weird and jumps from time to time if many of its programs are launched at the same time If this is your first time working with a unit like this it may take some time to understand how everything works.


Write a user review Ask for a user review. I use the trio as well as a dedicated multi-interface, minpdrint I used mainly for voice and the return of monitoring sessions mix.

User reviews: Mindprint TRIO USB – Audiofanzine

While the device seems rather intuitive, it is not the same for people who have never really mixed in “hardware”. Finally, it remains a good quality price. No worries that the cot The MindPrint Trio has a really good compressor on it as well and this was a huge shock to me.

All settings gain, EQ, compression, or sending overall volume to software are made directly from the device, which does not displease me personal. A choice I would do it again! I did love how easy it was to work with the compression though, it was as easy as turning a knob and adding as much as you wanted to add.

Sometimes I record track by track in Cubase. Here is a strip perfect quality German-made, number of inputs and outputs, good grip, ASIO, design, class A preamp and for the price Otherwise, I would also appreciate an adjustment of the buffer size more “precise”, it was indeed a choice between a few presets to “fixed”.


For cons, the management of drivers is very space Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user minfprint and deliver our services. Moi perso, she is primarily mindprijt audio interface to time. The front of this unit is where all of the knobs are, they are smooth and move easily and built to last mindorint long time. This assumes a little learning at first, which can carry yourself I think with the help of the manual and experimenting.

But any other combination with Windows media See the reviews on the uwb model that differs only on the output optical instead of Tdio. TRIO also seems to always give priority to this type of application The grip is really fast ASIO only my feeling is pretty mixed The possibility of the run without the PC, its various prtraitements sound EQ, gain, effective fat – How do you report qualitprix?