Elsewhere, the Halo Reverb is flexible, the delays work wonderfully, while there are also dedicated menus for amp simulation and mastering setups. Back View Show More Less. Metric Halo ULN-2 2d overview. Alongside the driver, you’ll also install the MIO Console software which acts as the digital mixing environment through which Metric Halo’s interfaces work their magic. Skip to main content. The ULN-2 Expanded is suitable for broadcast applications, too. The ULN-2 Expanded is a portable, high—quality, modular FireWire—based multi-format audio converter, interface, and processor for professional audio applications.

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Providing massive gain up to 72 dB with an EIN of The unit is bus-powered and will happily operate via a FireWire cable alone, once it has been booted up. The compact package and portable power features mean that the meteic can go anywhere users need to work, and make on-site fixes or edit location recordings without the need to send files back to the studio, saving valuable time before air.

Metric Halo ULN-2 2d – FireWire Digital Audio Interface

Be the first to review this item. Enjoy complete isolation A second benefit is that the transformer completely electrically isolates the preamp from the source — raising the common mode rejection above its already excellent performance, and providing a measure of confidence when dealing with the unknowns of location sound. Accordingly, you’ll either need to switch it on via the mains before disconnecting or, if you absolutely need mains-free operation, you can wire two 9V batteries together in series and connect them to the 9V DC socket on the unit’s rear.


Special Order Update Location close. Full console metering of every channel and mix bus Total recall of every console parameter.

Real mic pres for real recordists. Additional Product Features Product Type. Our top of the line, archival quality unit.

When you order your upgrade, we will issue an RMA for you to send your unit into the Custom Shop and our technicians will install the option for you. Effects can be configured as part of your MIO console setup, and as this nifty piece of software works as a virtual mixer, you’re on familiar ground as you configure the routings of your choice.

And remember, this one rack space audio interface has the ability to run entirely from the FireWire bus of a laptop computer or from any DC power source 9VVmaking it truly and completely mobile. If anything ever goes wrong with your cables, just send them back to us with a copy of your invoice, and we’ll repair them for free.

Metric Halo ULN-2 2d accessories.

Metric Halo ULN-2 DSP review | MusicRadar

Special Order Metirc Location close. How to get it The transformer option requires factory installation; we have to remove the cap coupling from your existing ULN-2 and carefully add the Jensen transformers to the signal path.

One interesting point concerns the ULN-2’s powering. About this product Product Identifiers Brand. With the transformer option installed, the ULN-2 acquires that classic character. Well suited to any recording situation, the microphone preamps provide exceptional detail and an ultra-fast slew rate.


The ULN-2 Expanded supports a variety of applications. Cons Extra power required to power-up.


Perfect for everything from classical recording to the mastering suite, or any user that needs ultimate power and flexibility. This item doesn’t belong on this page.

Click the “Info” button in the player and follow the link to find out metrc about the track and artist.

Trim link engaged 1, Hz: Jensen Mod Introducing the Jensen Transformer option for ULN-2 Since its release inthe ULN-2 has enjoyed a legendary reputation for its pristine, wire-like gain, and has established itself as one of the best values in the professional audio industry.

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Metric Halo ULN-2 Digital Recording Interface

Both of these outputs provide plenty of headroom. ASRC available on input. The latter principally concern themselves with levels for the analogue inputs round the back. Image 1 of 2 The ULN-2’s front panel is a busy place. There are separate 48V phantom power switches for each input. As for the effects themselves, these are of a universally high quality.