We were cross posting. After being what I thought was successful , I deleted the original firmware from my PC, which was just dumb I guess. I also found that info. Could someone please point me in the right direction on what file to grab so I can flash to a higher FW and get those 3Gbps speeds? That seems to be where the issue lies. Oftentimes they cut the feature list of the. Storage Devices and Controllers.

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LSI SAS 3081e-r 3gb/s 8 Port Sata/sas 1068e Host Adapter Controller Card

I have grabbed the P21 firmware package from Broadcom and will give it a go. Yes, I got you, but NO. I was concentrating originally on trying to flash the controller’s firmware to something higher, thinking that was the reason why the 3. Why didn’t you use that?

No, no, no, I meant C1, as in after the T No, the only thing you have to take care is that for use with unRAID we want to have IT mode firmware and all scripts and how-to’s are tailored for that specific purpose. But with the fw, it errored out with a message about CRC fail or something. When drive counts conrtoller, so must the servers SATA port count.


LSI SAS e-r 3gb/s 8 Port Sata/sas e Host Adapter Controller Card | eBay

I think that’s a c1. Firmware version doesn’t change.

I have some SAS drives, but they’re only 6Gbps. The SAS drives are being used in my HPE DL Gen9 rackmount server and I didn’t want to take them out just to put in the workstation, seeing how the workstation wouldn’t support the 6Gbps, I felt it wouldn’t really lei worth the sustained rates, but maybe it’d be worth a shot I’ve been attempting to flash the B1 potr of the firmware.

Share this post Link to post. Effectively identical in specifications, the Intel card differentiates itself in two areas.

Intel SASUC8I and LSI SAS3081E-R LSI 1068e Based RAID Controller Review

I’d like to get this working so I can attempt to run my very expensive copy of SolidWorks on this workstation or see if I need to invest in a much more expensive machine. Another really amazing feature of these cards is their MTBF numbers. Could someone please point me in the right direction on what file to grab so I can zas to a higher FW and get those 3Gbps speeds?

Everything seems to be for the E. My understanding is this newer FW revision should fix the issue. End contriller year test I’d like to see what speed drives are supported.


Have you seen this? Unfortunately I haven’t had the time and the tools to try something like that. I tried the Broadcom P21 cintroller, after a little editing of the batch file, to remove the choice.

Already have an account? Can you flash those firmwares?

Maybe the error is justified and a cross-flash of this kind shouldn’t be possible. Just to have another basis.

I’ll search for the B2 and see what I find. Attached is a copy of the controller’s firmware, version 1.


I don’t think we ever had a chance of the E one’s working, which appear to be for ones hooked to the PCI-E bus. There is a LED on the card that is usually flashing lifesigndoes it work on your card? Please enter contorller name here.