Note no code changes would be required if connection strings were placed in a configuration file. For example a stacktrace, method arguments, or http parameters could be passed in. You can not post a blank message. Then you just have to create a logback. Dev Blanked 5, 3 19 We cannot rely on doing this inside code, for several reasons. This could be used to migrate an application to a new database where you only have the compiled classes.

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This monitor allows developers to see if they are reusing their PreparedStatements. They sent us to the 1st floor.

[JavaSpecialists ] – Sneaking in JDBC Drivers

The driver to use in class. We can help make your Java application run faster and trouble-shoot concurrency and performance bugs Jdb interface monitoring has all the capabilities mentioned in interface monitoringbut also a few extra capabilities.

Plus, it doesn’t include enough details for example: MindArray allows you to gain deep insight into JVM performance metrics, J2EE application and hardware and server performance data as well as network resources.

The code is really simple. If you are using SL4FJ as a logging facade is a must-have.

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Spring Monitoring – Monitor any Spring bean. We are slowly settling in to life in Greece. Introduced in JAMon 2.


I have pondered for a while how best to extract the performance statistics from the JAMon tool. Secondly, we cannot be sure that we are first if we do it in code. But despite the colder weather, Crete is still buzzing with young people. This is how I open my connection: Make sure before testing the database that it is atually a bottleneck in your application.

One strength of jamon is the diversity of things that it can monitor and the ease with which you can do it. The name of the class is then duplicated in the class, both in the class definition and in the logger field definition, since the class is for some reason not available from a static context. jcbc

One row will show up in the JAMonAdmin report for each match. As this capability requires code changes it is best to use other forms of method monitoring such as AOP, or EJB monitoring if they are available.

Maybe I’ll hit a restriction somewhere along the way, but for now, this is the best and easiest solution for me, thanks! JavaSpecialists We deliver relevant courses, by top Java developers to produce more resourceful and efficient programmers within their organisations. Maven JAMon is on Maven. Java Training We deliver relevant courses, by top Jdc developers to produce more resourceful and efficient programmers within their organisations.


Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. About the Author Java Champion, author of the Javaspecialists Newsletter, conference speaking regular Instead, describe the problem and what has been done so far to solve it. After waiting there for about 30 minutes, we were told that we had to go to the 3rd floor, where we were very reluctantly helped. I actually hit a limitation with this: I’ve extensively used Log4jdbc and it works pretty well.

JAMon (Java Application Monitor)

JAMon keeps the label and units as a key in a Map and every time start or add are called with the same key JAMon updates statistics for: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Kitts And Nevis St.

Whilst you might not believe this to be possible in today’s software development prox, it does still happen. This can become problematic, as already discussed, since it requires code changes. You just need to replace the jdbc connection string and have the original.