I really like some of the small changes HP made. Good stuff has a price How about pricing? In the meantime, you might contact the Answer Desk and simply ask them if the nibs are replaceable. HP also offers a myriad options and accessories for its Tablet PCs. Install Ubuntu on a HP TC tablet pc Ok, well done in getting the wireless working – that makes the rest much easier! To double-click an item on the screen as you would with the left button of an external mouse, tap the item twice with the tip of the pen. This pen has no eraser on the back end, is one-button, and is for tablet-PCs based on a Wacom digitiser.

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The Penabled pen therefore needs no batteries. Also, like anything else, pens age and sometimes lose their original inking feel; perhaps your pen is simply worn out? You don’t mention what type of nib this is; knowing that might help.

Genuine HP Compaq Tc1100 Tablet PC Digitized Stylus Pen

Close Synaptic Package Manager. SyruMMay 12, When it has finished getting ready, find the package ‘wacom-tools’. The Virtual Agent is currently unavailable.

Jamie-B You can adjust your s-pen pressure by doing this: Steve SApr 14, However, the Bamboo Feel Carbon pen felt best of all, and I thought that the improvement was fairly significant. Does the wired network interface work? All the laudable merits of the Transmeta processor architecture notwithstanding, the Pentium-based TC is much faster in every respect.


A couple of problems have surfaced on my TC recently: No, create an account now. I’ve tried all the usual routes via the control panel and Windows update history, but it seems that only actual Windows hotfixes and the like can be removed in this manner.

HP TC Pen/Network Problems | – Tablet PC Reviews, Discussion and News

Type or paste in the following command: Or, hover the pen tip immediately wadom the button. To press a pen-activated button, touch the button with the tip of the pen. You’ll probably find you can go into standby as well, but the wireless may not work afterwards yet.

Install Ubuntu on a HP TC tablet pc Everyone feels that way when they first start – up the creek without a paddle, and with the water running fast!

This is too bad as it is possible to put a full QWERTY implementation even on a compact keyboard by making punctuation keys slightly narrower see review of Getac W on page This thread is closed to new comments. Let’s begin by briefly discussing pens that don’t workbecause not all Wacom pens are compatible with the particular digitizer that is used in tabletPCs. When you see ‘wacom-tools’ appear in the top-right wcom, click once on it to clear the little stem-match window that will have appeared.


Compared to most of the competition, Compaq, however, took some chances.

I’m new to the forums so a big hi to you all. Your name or email address: How Penabled pens work A Wacom Penabled pen operates without rc1100 or wires by taking advantage of patented technology developed by Wacom in which an electromagnetic signal is sent from a sensor board to a pen and returned for position analysis, pressure sensitivity and other information.

Pen Computing Magazine: Hewlett Packard TC Tablet PC review

Tis the season for the Mefi Mall – shop fine products by Mefites! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Typically, battery-free pens like the one you have contain a coil and a small printed circuit board PCB. A bit behind the ph but it’ll do me for now. Position your hand on the pen so that you will not accidentally epn the pen button. Page 14 of 55 First As you perform the calibration:. A confirmation window will appear; click the ‘Apply’ button, and wait for the changes to be made.