The hard part is finding the best app for the job. This app allows the user to control a Mac from an iOS device. Even before HippoRemote Pro 2. So here’s the steps to get up and running: It has a multi-touch trackpad, a keyboard and a remote control editor.

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Use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a touchpad I’ve just had my mouse die on me its sulking because I’ve just bought a jook keyboard mouse combo from amazon which is yet to arrive!

August 17th, 2. However, VNSea doesn’t work at all when the laptop screen is extended to an external monitor. Found this thread looking for a way to get my iPod Touch to act as a mouse pad. Even before HippoRemote Pro 2. While it’s ok to self-promote your software please mention the fact and also the reasons why you think your solution is better than the others listed already. Not quite as open or feature rich as XMBC but it plays a quick game of catchup.

First on our docket: Sign up using Email and Password. Join Date Sep Beans 4.

I actually don’t have one of these yet, but I know several people that love Logitech’s Harmony remotes. There are other VNC apps out there namely iTeleport: Then check the box to set a password and enter a password.


Logitech Harmony Remotes I actually don’t have one of these yet, but I know several people that love Logitech’s Harmony remotes. Check out this video to see Remote Jr. It has a keyboard function and mouse and is free. Keymote from Iced Cocoa is a Mac-only remote control that works by creating little application-specific keysets to control specific actions.

I’ve become very accustomed to remote-controlling my computers yippo a while, but nothing ever seemed to get it right.

If anyone else tries the advanced stuff I’d love to know how it works. Sign up using Facebook.

With Plex installed and running you can access all your media, navigate on a TV-friendly UI using your Apple Remote and use plugins like their Netflix plugin to access streaming content all from one slick interface. October 17th, 8. The comment must be left before Saturday, November 7, I find Plex to be much easier to set up than XBMCbut where I think Plex really shines is in how easy it is to share your mini’s media with other devices.

It is like FrontRow designed to use the Mac system features – that way it is small 8 MB and needs less system power.

Hippo Remote is a great app, now you can win a copy

Hippo Remote’s response is like butter. You can download the Plex apps for your iOS and Andriod devices and use it to connect your mobile computers back to your Mac-located content and stream it over the air.


Ask Different works best with JavaScript enabled. There are literally dozens and dozens of iPhone and iPod touch apps that can control your PC be it Mac, Windows or Linuxbut after using and testing the hoook players in this field and even the small onesI’ve found five of my favorites. August 18th, 3.

5 Best iPhone Apps For Controlling Your Mac or PC

One promo code for Hippo Remote Value: Air Mouse simply extends the mouse and keyboard, but doesn’t really give you a remote-control style of functionality you might have with a dedicated streaming device like the Apple TV. I use it when I’m playing online poker via virtualbox and have to go to the bathroom or grab a drink from the kitchen.

You will get a message that the ‘Connection Failed’ if you enter zero as the port number. Check out this video the team made showing off the new HippoRemote 2.