Set the next additional properties: In the Location click on Choose File and locate your glassfish-resources. The database is called booreg. If it is then delete the connection and start over. The database is called booreg The code for creating this tables is: All that is required is that you create a connection to the database.

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General Steps for Creating a JDBC Resource

Put the following strings into the Java class of your application code: This makes classes accessible to all applications or modules deployed on servers that share the same configuration.

Click Finish to save the values. I’m guessing the jar is misplaced?

But when I clicked on Ping for the first time it failed with an error message indicating that the access was denied. Click Go at the bottom of the page to initiate the addition of a database and user for connection pooling. Use the asadmin create-jdbc-connection-pool command.

There is nothing to do on this dialog so click on Next. Get started now at one of the available Jelastic service providers. You can also specify that a connection pool is automatically tested when created or reconfigured by setting the Ping attribute to true the default is false in one of the following ways: I used root and no password.


Try the answer provided for this question: Driver you can choose any other but by now is the simplest option. Enter again into the connection pool.

Because you choose database driver vendor MySQL you will have already specified the driver classname com. Set the next additional properties: You wont notice the change, i promise you. On my Windows 8. Driver cannot be cast to javax.

java – Where to add the jdbc driver on Netbeans/Glassfish in Windows? – Stack Overflow

There is nothing for us to enter on the Properties dialog. DataSource and we must change it to ard. The resource type shows javax.

You should now see:. Within the appeared form, fill in the following fields: Without this file and if you glassfisb not copied the driver into GlassFish manually then GlassFish will not be able to connect to the database. In the production environment where your application is being deployed as a war and not with NetBeans then you expect the driver to be on the server. For details, click the Help button in the Administration Console.


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Sign up using Facebook. If you copy a driver into the lib folder then NetBeans will not replace it with an older driver even if the check box on the Server dialog is checked. In order to verify accessibility, select your just created connection pool and click the Ping button. DataSource I’m using the same jar file as exists for the server.

On this last dialog you have the option of assigning a name to the connection. Your email address will not be published. Is there are reason for that second screenshot in step 2? You have now a connection pool called MyDatabase.