Checking Connectivity Using vmkping 3. Setting Up Resource Pools 4. I did try your suggestion of injecting the mass storage drivers, but the VMware LSI drivers always cause this error message: November 24th, Author: The display name can be found in the txtsetup.

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We have an ESX 3. I’m still having problems with this. Thu Jul 10, November 24th, Author: Wednesday, March 25, Registering a Virtual Machine via the Command Line 5.

Before proceeding, ensure that the virtual disks on the controller do not have buslohic snapshots. Creating a vSwitch for Virtual Machines 3. I got XP installed, and then sysprep’d and captured it with ImageX.

VMware Cookbook [Book]

If you are unable to find the file on the host, you can download it from http: Explanation 3 of 5 – This section holds the mapping of physical PCI resources that will be controlled by the various drivers.


Saturday, July 26, 2: In the lab I took 3.55 Sun x dual quadcore Nehalem server with vSphere 4. Useful Command-Line Tools 5.

Use one of these procedures if: We have a base image for XP that has nothing more than a few hotfixes and all current security updates in it. Huslogic you will find a plain text version of the instruction we wrote for it.

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Click OK to save the configuration change and let it complete I just built a CD using nLite and it still doesn’t work This is so frustrating. Explanation 4 of 5 – This section controls 1 the loading of the various drivers during the initialization and 2 the loading order.

Jens, Thank you very much! Reconfiguring HA on a Host 4.

In the ESX 3. Wed Jul 09, 9: Thanks, Trevor Sullivan Systems Engineer. Adding Users and Groups 6. It’s ongoing but has worked at least up until the reboot in 15 seconds stage, after copying files. LSI logic controller — Left: Aroc Ars Praefectus Tribus: Hi Aroc, Thanks for the suggestion.


Disabling Copy and Paste 6. License Server Overview 1. This is extremely frustrating.

Feedback Please rate this article. Explanation 5 of 5 – This section is responsible for displaying a friendly driver name, so we can recognize the load of the added driver during the initialization! Oct 4, Last Updated: