We have no retail outlet and offer online service only. There prices for the most part are inline with rockbottomgolf. Furthermore I would pursue any avenues available with TaylorMade and the US authorities regarding the legitimacy of his product. Has anyone ever checked out http: The leathe work was not great, non straight lines and dodgy paint jobs.

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When he got a package and realized that address from China. And once i asked the online chat for refund they go offline.

10 Ways (NOT) To Buy Fake Golf Clubs on EBAY!

Anyone heard of or bought fake taylormade rescues? Note also that the plastic ferrule — which covers the join between clubhead and shaft — is slightly thinner on the fake. I recently bought a set of Ping G25 irons from golfdealonline. Reading the story that they were highlighted in Golf Digest and GolfWorld magazine as countergeit top store made me feel a little comfortable.

Taylomrade smaller review sites can be helpful as well in sending you in the right direction. Wondering what you think of the websites suno golf, istock golf and golfplayer He claims he bought the 2 clubs from a buddy and didn’t know they were fake. How was the iron set?

Received the item but not too sure of the authenticity. Titleist Titleist serial numbers in the past were mostly r111 into the metal itself.


Fake clubs from China ChongQing… I am now having dispute with them or over charging me 5X…luckily i check my bank for amount transacted and now waiting for them to cancel or face dispute…. One Problem, counterfwit what drives people to the counterfeits——Roger Dunn, a counterfiet I usually love, has moved into the category of insanely high priced unless you go only for sales. Go get fitted from a golf professional that knows what they are doing. Hard to tell from the coounterfeit itself, but the prices….

Buy from TGW or other reputable online retailer. Read through some of the FAQs for example:. I thought they would have said the clubs are all fake and that they had made up the serials numbers. I am not good enough to know where the IP is from or how to check.

Complete Guide to Identify Counterfeit Golf Clubs

What do you guys think? Many of the younger kids were talking about a place called http: Where do I sign up? Wish I had seen your article before doing so. R111 times are GMT Branding and lofts will be in a slightly different location on the club head Club head could be a different shape than an authentic club. If you wait till the end of the season you are going to get a great deal on the clubs you wantI always am a year behind on my equipment just for the reason of seeing what is the best that yearthen I try it and get my equipment 1r1 a great price.


10 Ways Not To Buy Fake Counterfeit Golf Clubs!

They are out of chicago and I have had many conversations with them via their help line. Last few years ago, my friend who believe that internet cost cheap price for golf iron set than here.

This ebay store sells the Precise S7 clubs that were made in by Tartan Sports. I am a lefty so maybe this protects me a little, but the response to garagesalegolf on ebay is extremely talyormade and I felt very good about them for that reason. They wont even deliver the missing order………Dont even approach this guys!

Do the right thing, go to your local retailer, handle the clubs, hit some balls with them, ask questions, get the right club for you, not copies of the pretty pictures you see on the internet. Quality products, fast and stellar service is what makes RockBottomGolf.

Upon review, some of the warning flags mentioned here are present — questionable grammer, no phone number or physical address, no customer reviews.

You may be aware that Titlist could soon be launching its irons for Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.